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Local Bay Area ghost stories and haunted places
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USS Hornet
Over 300 people died on the USS Hornet. It has been reported that doors open and close by themselves, faint voices can be heard, and apparitions can be seen. Three places on the ship have been reported as hot spots; the engine room, the crew quarters, and the surgery room.


Rose Hill Cemetery | Black Diamond Mines
Submitted by Nicole
Many supernatural things have been seen at this cemetery at night including voices and floating or glowing objects. One of the main spirits is known as Sarah Norton, a midwife and widow of Noah Norton, who founded this mining area, Nortonville. Sarah was crushed to death in a buggy accident on her way to deliver a baby in October of 1879. The eerie legend behind this womanly spirit starts when the town tried to burry her twice. Both attempts failed when nasty storms developed out of nowhere. She often appears as a white figure and has been called "The White Witch." Others believe her "presence is meant only for watching over the children who perished during the mining days." Her tombstone is also known for disappearing and reappearing.


Union Hotel
Many people have reported seeing a young woman apparition, and have heard her crying. It is reported that in the 1800's a young woman named Emily hung herself in one of the rooms. There have also been sightings of a young man. Many think the two are connected in some way. Lights have also been reported to turn on and off by themselves.


UC Berkeley Campus
Submitted by Heather
One night a friend and myself went up to the art building on the UC Berkeley campus. It was late in the evening, probably around 9pm. I can not remember the exact floor we were on, but when we stepped off the elevator, there was very odd sounds coming from within the building. The sounds were like high pitched wind almost, but were were in a building with no open windows, and no one else was there on that floor with us. There were big double doors that lead into a large workshop area. We went in but the sound got louder and louder. I said let's go, as I felt uneasy. We walked out of the double doors, and back into the space to wait for the elevator. The elevator seemed to take forever. The sound got louder even standing there. All of a sudden the elevator beeped and opened, and at the exact same time the double doors flew open with a large amount of force. We ran into the elevator and those doors couldn't shut quick enough.


Brendan Theaters 14
In theather 12 it is reported that you can hear little kids laughing and talking.

Mount Diablo High School
It is reported that a young male apparition can be seen hanging by a noose on the second floor of the English building. Supposedly years ago a teenager commited suicide there.

Submitted by Nicole
"On June 2 1997, a group of over 32 high school seniors from a visiting school from Napa, rode one of the winding slides of the Banzai Pipeline (now known as the Hurricane Slide Complex ) all together to try and break a school record for the number of people on a slide. The force on the water slide was four times greater than the slide was designed for, and because of the force, the slide collapsed while the students were on the ride. In the end, a 17 year old female student died due to the injuries received and another 32 students were sent to local hospitals for treatment."

At night you can see the silhouette of a person walking around the top deck of the Hurricane water slide. Many of the security personnel have investigated it, but by the time they get to the top of the deck, no one is there.


Mission San Jose
Originally built in the 1700's, a fire had destroyed the original mission, and the 1906 earthquake leveled the original church. Both have since been rebuilt. It is reported that there are cold spots and mists throughout the mission and church. People have also reported seeing Native looking people in very old clothing walking towards the mission and disappear as soon as they enter the courtyard.

San Jose

Happy Hollow Park
The creek behind this park is reported to be haunted by a lady in a red dress and black hair. Supposedly a lady was murdered there in the 70's.

Winchester Mystery House
It is said to be haunted by Sarah Winchester, those killed by the winchester guns, and her workers. Cold spots can be felt, an impression of someone lying in her bed, apparitions, talking, and laughing can be heard throughout the house.
    Submitted by: Heather
    I went to the Winchester Mystery House on a flashlight tour years ago. At one point while the rest of the group was stopped and looking around one of the rooms, I walked by myself into the ballroom with the organ piano, adjacent to where everyone else was. Immediately when I got in there I felt the air get heavy around me. It surrounded me. I felt as if there were many people standing around me, and I was in the middle of a circle of people. I felt as if I had to get out of there, and I am not typically like that as I have been sensitive to the paranormal since I was a young child. I stood there for a minute, as long as I could, and then I left the room. When I was standing in the ballroom it felt as if the people in the other room were very far away, as their voices were faint. Immediately after exiting the doorway the voice level was back to normal.

Naval Training Station
It has been reported that a WWII sailor haunts the engine room.

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